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The ESL Pro League Season 17 has recently concluded, with an exciting match that left viewers on the edge of their seats. The victorious team received $200,000 from the total prize pool of $850,000, along with 3,000 BLAST Premier Points and invitations to both IEM Cologne and the BLAST Premier World Final.

Curious to know which team emerged as the ultimate champion of this tournament? Keep reading to discover the thrilling twists and turns that made this competition an unforgettable one.

FaZe & Cloud9 Match Overview

List of map selection and ban:

1. Cloud9 removed Nuke
2. FaZe Clan removed Vertigo
3. Cloud9 picked Overpass
4. FaZe Clan picked Inferno
5. Cloud9 picked Mirage
6. FaZe Clan picked Ancient
7. Anubis was the decider


The game between FaZe Clan and Cloud9 on Overpass was intense and featured impressive tactical maneuvers and thrilling plays from both teams, with rounds being exchanged back and forth. However, FaZe Clan began to assert its dominance and emerged victorious in the end.

The result of the first map:
FaZe Clan – 16 rounds
Cloud9 – 13 rounds


FaZe demonstrated their mastery of Inferno, starting the match with a strong 9:0 lead on defense. Although Cloud9 managed to secure four rounds by the end of the first half, FaZe’s victory in the pistol round and the following two rounds put immense pressure on Cloud9. The margin for error was slim, and Cloud9 eventually lost.

The result of the second map:
FaZe Clan – 16 rounds
Cloud9 – 9 rounds


After a solid start on the defense, FaZe Clan experienced a major setback when Cloud9 rallied with an impressive six-round streak, securing a respectable seven rounds on the attacking half. FaZe’s attacks fell short and Cloud9’s strong defense helped them secure a victory to stay in the tournament.

The result of the third map:
FaZe Clan – 11 rounds
Cloud9 – 16 rounds


Cloud9 began the fourth map strongly, earning 7 rounds on their T-side. Nevertheless, FaZe Clan swiftly regained control with a 5-round streak on the attack, giving them a commanding 13-7 advantage. Despite a brief comeback attempt by C9, their luck eventually ran out. FaZe secured three rounds in a row, one of which included a fantastic Ace from Twistzz, and claim victory.

The result of the fourth map:
FaZe Clan – 16 rounds
Cloud9 – 11 rounds

FaZe Clan Win ESL Pro League Season 17 & Secure The Intel Grand Slam

FaZe Clan secured this coveted prize by triumphing at ESL Pro League Season 17. In turn, Twistzz has made history by becoming the first and only player to secure not just one, but two Intel Grand Slam titles. To win the Intel Grand Slam, a team must emerge victorious in four out of ten major tournaments organized by ESL.

Apart from their win at ESL Pro League Season 17, FaZe Clan has also claimed victories at IEM Katowice 2022, ESL Pro League Season 15, and IEM Cologne 2022.

FaZe Clan is now the fourth team in CS:GO history to win the Intel Grand Slam, following Astralis (2018), Team Liquid (2019), and Natus Vincere (2021).

Highlights FaZe & Cloud9

The first thing to take note of is the rain’s play that went down in the first round of Overpass, the first map.

. @FaZe_rainCS runs at you with a P250 on round 1.

Wyd? #ESLProLeague pic.twitter.com/ONGsBJKjvc

— ESL Counter-Strike 2 (@ESLCS) March 26, 2023

rain from FaZe Clan pulled off 2 sick P250 headshots, taking out the first guy behind the car and hitting the second with a flick shot.

HObbit pulled off a sick quad kill at Sewers, shutting down FaZe Clan’s attack.

QUAD KILL from @HObbitcsgo to retake the lead 💥 #ESLProLeague pic.twitter.com/tE8NjaMKgr

— ESL Counter-Strike 2 (@ESLCS) March 26, 2023

Cloud9 HObbit made an impressive play by getting four kills in a row near the Sewers area, which stopped the opposing team, FaZe Clan, from progressing into the site.

HObbit pulled off another quad kill against FaZe Clan.

FOUR frags to open up Ancient @HObbitcsgo 💥 #ESLProLeague pic.twitter.com/oXkau39Vg8

— ESL Counter-Strike 2 (@ESLCS) March 26, 2023

At this moment on Ancient, HObbit made a 4-kill pistol round clutch by defending the plant and securing the round.

Check out this insane moment that happened in the sixth round of Overpass! Rain went ham on the A site, taking out three opponents with AK-47.

. @FaZe_rainCS is already a MENACE 😲 #ESLProLeague pic.twitter.com/7PMKx4myUF

— ESL Counter-Strike 2 (@ESLCS) March 26, 2023

Rain slow-walked into A site, checking every nook and cranny with surgical precision before popping off and taking out three Cloud9 players with insane reactions, clutching the round and securing the win for his squad.

The highlight of this match happened on the fourth map, in round 26.

NO WAY YOU ACE FOR MAP, MATCH, AND CHAMPIONSHIP POINT @Twistzz 🤯🤯🤯🤯 #ESLProLeague pic.twitter.com/iiR1wubVhK

— ESL Counter-Strike 2 (@ESLCS) March 26, 2023

This insane play from Twistzz is a must-see! As a T on Ancient, he defended the bomb and pulled off a massive ACE, taking out all 5 Cloud9 players.

FaZe Clan & Cloud9 Statistics

Best players

The best player from Cloud9 was Abay ‘HObbit’ Khassenov , who had the best statistics in the final among his team. Over 4 maps, he had a K-D score of 82-76.

The best player from FaZe Clan was Robin ‘ropz’ Kool, who in turn had a score of 83-62.

Viewership statistic

The ESL Pro League Season 17 matches racked up a whopping 33.6 million views, with an average online audience of 138.4 thousand people. The showdown between FaZe Clan and Cloud9 in the Grand Final took the cake as the most-watched match of the tournament, with a whopping 517.8 thousand viewers tuning in at the same time.

Natus Vincere took the lead in total hours viewed, while FaZe Clan clinched the top spot for the average online audience per match.

FaZe Clan & Cloud9 Statistics

To Wrap Up!

To wrap things up, ESL Pro League Season 17 was an exhilarating tournament filled with memorable moments. From the early rounds to the showdown, there was never a dull moment, with plenty of action and surprises to keep viewers engaged.

Once again, FaZe Clan proved why they are one of the top teams in the world, making history with their impressive performances and earning a well-deserved victory. Their exceptional skills and dedication were on full display, making them one of the most formidable teams in the world.

Fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next season. As the old saying goes, “the best is yet to come!

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