400K Halloween Event - Week 3 🕷️

Welcome to the third weeks' summary of our Halloween event . Check out what happened t his week and stay tuned for the next event taking place on October 31st !

100k Competition

Taking the big pot home, this weeks 50.000 coins goes to karavay192- that has been sneaking the leaderboard since the beginning. Congratulations to the top 10 winners of this weeks' event!

In-game event

Spoiler: Our staff destroyed! Hosted by Lars, we watched 3 games where our staff played vs the CSGORoll users. The winners of each match would take home a Shadow Dagger | Slaughter (Factory New). Check out the results below:

Game 1:

Score: 10-7 to Team Staff

Game 2:

Score: 10-3 to Team Staff

Game 3:

Score: 10-4 to Team Staff

Do you wanna participate in the next in-game event? Check out how here .

Thank you for participating and stay tuned for the fourth and last week of events, including a Double XP weekend starting Friday 29th of August.

Missed the stream? Don't worry. You can still watch the full video HERE .

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