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On April 6-9, the Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR A CS:GO matches took place, determining the 1-st half of the teams representing Europe in the upcoming Paris Major 2023. Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR B will start on April 11, so it’s time to take stock of what happened. In this article, you’ll find out which teams have secured their spot at the last CS:GO Major and those who have missed their chance to participate.

Which teams have not lost a single game at the Paris 2023 RMR Europe A?

The best teams in the world showcased their skills on Paris 2023 RMR Europe A. NAVI and fnatic were among those who stood out. Both teams secured three victories with a score of 3-0, and they earned a spot at the upcoming Paris Major 2023 as Legends.

The first team to qualify for the last CS:GO Major
🇺🇦 @natusvincere

— (@HLTVorg) April 7, 2023

The first ever Major winning organisation @FNATIC will be in Paris 🫡

— (@HLTVorg) April 7, 2023

Now, let’s find out more about the results of both NAVI and Fnatic in our overview of their matches in the Paris Major RMR Europe A.

Natus Vincere: Overview & Highlights

Natus Vincere took first place securing three victories in a row in the European RMR Group A and earned a spot at the Paris Major 2023. Let’s look at who their opponents were and what difficulties they faced along the way.

During the first day of the competition, Natus Vincere competed against Into The Breach on Inferno. Both teams closely contested the match for 41 rounds. Eventually, NAVI emerged victorious with a score of 22:19.

Here is the highlight of the map .

The next opponent for NAVI was Falcons, and they faced off on Ancient. NAVI won the map with a significant score difference of 16:6 and advanced to the next stage of the competition.

Here is the highlight of the map .

NAVI’s third opponent in the tournament was FaZe Clan. They played a Bo3 series, and, and NAVI won two maps. The first map was Inferno, which NAVI won with a score of 16:7, and the second map was Ancient, which NAVI secured with a score of 16:11.

Here is the highlight of the maps.

Natus Vincere set a record by participating in all CS:GO Major events that ever took place. In addition, no other team will ever be able to surpass this record, as Counter-Strike 2 launches this summer, and Paris Major is the last CS:GO Major in the history of the series. Congratulations, NAVI!

19 CS:GO Majors total, and we are the only club that will play them all! #navination

— NAVI (@natusvincere) April 7, 2023

Now that we’ve covered NAVI’s run in the RMR Europe A, let’s talk about how Fnatic performed.

Fnatic: Overview & Highlights

Navi isn’t the only team to have closed the competition with a 3-0 score, as Fnatic also won three times in a row.

Fnatic’s first opponent was Viperio. The two British teams faced off on Vertigo and played a close match that ended 22-20 in favor of Fnatic.

Here is the highlight of the map .

Their second opponent was 1win. They played on Overpass, where Fnatic won with a score of 16-12.

Here is the highlight of the map .

Fnatic went up against B8 for their third match in a Bo3 series. Vertigo was the first map, and Fnatic won it. Nuke was the second map, which B8 claimed. But Fnatic won on the third map with a 16-13.

Here is the highlight of the maps.

We’ve looked at the two teams that played the best, but what about the rest? Time to find out the other teams’ results.

Europe RMR A: Results

Check out the teams that qualified for the Paris Major 2023, the non-qualifiers and the teams will fight for the last chance.

First team to qualify for the Major, and Legends stage at that, was a dominant @natusvincere who didn't drop a single map 🤯

22-19 vs Into the Breach
16-6 vs Team Falcons
2-0 vs FaZe Clan

— (@BLASTtv) April 10, 2023

Next up to qualify for Legends was @FNATIC , who also had a strong 3-0 showing with a very exciting last match 💥

22-20 vs Viperio
16-12 vs 1Win
2-1 vs B8

(can't tag @Krimz so let's @ him instead)

— (@BLASTtv) April 10, 2023

The pride of UK CS showed everybody what they were capable of by forcing NAVI into double OT and beating the reigning Major Champions before going 3-1 and straight to Legends 🇬🇧

19-22 vs NAVI
16-7 vs Team Falcons
16-13 vs Virtus. pro
2-1 vs B8

— (@BLASTtv) April 10, 2023

The eagles soared in their run to Paris by beating FaZe and securing their Legends spot vs GamerLegion 🦅

9-16 vs 1Win
16-9 vs Viperio
19-16 vs Apeks
2-0 vs FaZe Clan

2-1 vs GamerLegion

— (@BLASTtv) April 10, 2023

The European mix of @GamerLegion had an uneasy start but finished strong with a 3-1 to qualify and fought wholeheartedly in their last match vs BNE 💪

8-16 vs Apeks
16-9 vs OG
19-16 vs 1Win
2-1 vs Team Falcons

1-2 vs BNE

— (@BLASTtv) April 10, 2023

After a rough start, @OGcsgo stuck to their guns and reverse sweeped their way to the Major Challenger stage 🔥

10-16 vs FaZe
9-16 vs GamerLegion
2-1 vs SAW
2-0 vs 1Win
2-0 vs Team Falcons

— (@BLASTtv) April 10, 2023

2nd to last team to qualify for the Major this time around was @mousesports , who had to defeat the Major Champions of Rio AND Antwerp to get there 😱

9-16 vs B8
16-12 vs SAW
8-16 vs Team Falcons
2-0 vs Virtus. pro
2-1 vs FaZe Clan

— (@BLASTtv) April 10, 2023

Last but not least we had @apeksgg , who went 25-23 on Vertigo in their last match vs B8 to get their Challenger status💥

16-8 vs GamerLegion
13-16 vs FaZe Clan
16-19 vs Bad News Eagles
2-0 vs Sprout
2-0 vs B8

— (@BLASTtv) April 10, 2023

FaZe, B8, and Falcons can still secure a spot at the Paris Major 2023.

While waiting for EU RMR Group B to start tomorrow, let's have a quick recap of the teams that qualified for Paris during Group A 🧵

— (@BLASTtv) April 10, 2023

Europe RMR A: Statistics

Andrii “npl” Kukharskyi from NAVI became the top player of the Paris 2023 RMR Europe A with a 1.34 average rating on four maps. His best map was Inferno, with a 1.66 rating against Faze. NAVI’s team stats were excellent, with an average of 1.24, and Valeriy “b1t” Vakhovskyi was also in the top 5 with a 1.26 rating. Paris Major 2023: European RMR A viewership stats:

  • 369 263 Peak Viewers
  • 5 341 190 Hours Watched
  • 142 432 Average Viewers
  • 38 hours Airtime

Europe RMR B: Schedule

The Paris 2023 RMR Europe B will be the last chance to qualify for the last CS:GO Major in Paris, as all other RMR tournaments have already ended. The last qualifier will start on April 11th.

List of teams in Round 1 (0-0 games)

  • Heroic vs 500 – 10:00 CET
  • Cloud9 vs forZe – 10:00 CET
  • Spirit vs Aurora – 11:30 CET
  • BIG vs iNation – 11:30 CET
  • ENCE vs Monte – 13:00 CET
  • Team Vitality vs Astralis – 13:00 CET
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Eternal Fire – 14:30 CET
  • 9INE vs G2 Esports – 14:30 CET

Wrapping Up!

During Paris Major RMR Europe A, we witnessed some of the world’s strongest teams fighting for a chance to shine at a CS:GO Major one last time. It’s clear that the competition is heating up, and every team will have to bring their A-game. It will be interesting to follow the Europe RMR B matches and see which teams will come out on top.

Keep an eye on our blog and stay in the loop!

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