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It’s time for the New Final CS:GO Major Gleam giveaway! This giveaway celebrates the Final CS:GO Major, with exclusive prizes for fans to win. Read on to find out how to get fantastic prizes.

What’s New?

You’re likely aware that the Final CS:GO Major is coming soon. To celebrate this epic event, Hellcase is organizing a giveaway with exciting prizes up for grabs. Our giveaway will run on May 5-25 with 100 prizes. So take your chance to be a winner! To access the giveaway, click the “giveaway” button at the top of the Hellcase homepage. It’s as simple as that!

Log in to the event page to participate in the New Final CS:GO Major Gleam giveaway. Here you can track when the giveaway is running, see what tasks you have to do, and check how many entries you’ve racked up so far.

all about final CSGO Major Gleam Giveaway

Each task is worth a certain number of entries, with tougher tasks earning you more entries. The giveaway winners are chosen randomly, but the more entries you’ve got, the better your chances.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to dive in and start completing those tasks. Good luck!

If you need further assistance with Hellcase giveaways, check out our guide on Gleam Giveaways .

All info about New Final CS:GO Major Gleam giveaway

We are giving away seven types of items with a total value of $3,225 to 100 lucky winners. The giveaway will run from May 5-25 until 9 AM GMT, giving you plenty of time to enter. So what kind of prizes can you expect? Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Bayonet | Lore (FT)

If you’re lucky to win first place in our giveaway, you’ll score Bayonet | Lore worth almost $1500! Terrorists and counter-terrorists can use it since the knife is a versatile weapon. The blade is adorned with a golden color and Aztec-inspired patterns, making it quite a unique item in your inventory. Take advantage of getting this awesome skin for free.

AK-47 | Fuel Injector (FT)

If you rank 2nd-4th in our giveaway, you’ll receive the highly sought-after AK-47 | Fuel Injector. Players have coveted this skin since it was added on February 18, 2016. It features a striking yellow and black color scheme, a large “AK-47” inscription on the barrel, and interesting patterns on the magazine. Who knows? You could be the lucky winner to add AK-47 | Fuel Injector to your inventory for free.

AWP | Wildfire (FT)

Get your hands on AWP | Wildfire for free! If you place 5th to 9th in our giveaway, you’ll be the lucky winner of this highly sought-after skin. A large fiery dragon hand-painted over a black and red base. AWP | Wildfire is a favorite among pro players because of its incredible beauty. Don’t let this chance slip away!

M4A1-S | Golden Coil (FT)

Seven winners of our giveaway will have the chance to get their hands on the captivating M4A1-S | Golden Coil for free. This skin boasts a hydrographic image of an attacking snake and is designed with a gold and black color scheme, complete with a suppressor that mimics the golden texture of snakeskin. This skin is truly a must-have for any collector.

M4A4 | The Coalition (FT)

In our giveaway, participants who place 17th to 26th will receive M4A4 | The Coalition for free. The black background with golden patterns makes for a stylish and sophisticated look. Upgrade your inventory with this skin.

Glock-18 | Bullet Queen (FT)

Lucky winners who place 26th to 50th in the New Final CS:GO Major Gleam giveaway will receive Glock-18 | Bullet Queen for free. This skin features menacing bullets and a War Maiden in a pink jacket custom-painted over a yellow and black base.


Participants who rank between 51st and 100th in the giveaway will be rewarded with AWP Case CS:GO from Hellcase. Inside this case, they can discover rare AWP skins like AWP | Containment Breach , AWP | Oni Taiji , AWP | Asiimov , AWP | Wildfire , and many other awesome skins. Our users have voted this case as one of the most liked ones, so don’t miss the opportunity to get it for free.

Final CSGO Major Giveaway prize list


New Final CS:GO Major Gleam giveaway hosted by Hellcase is the perfect opportunity for any CS:GO player to win a valuable and beautiful skin. Moreover, Hellcase offers other giveaways with prizes.

Therefore, you should take advantage of this incredible opportunity to win a prize that can also become a useful collectible item.

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