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What is Hellcase Premium & How Does it Work? - Hellcase Blog

CS:GO is a game for active, resourceful gamers who are ready to use all possible tools to improve their gaming experience and develop new strategies.

With a Hellcase Premium subscription, dreams that seem impossible to you will turn into fully achievable goals. The subscription offers players a lot of benefits that will give the player the confidence to win. For example, the access to premium cases and new features, free skins, and 24/7 Hellcase support.

What is Hellcase Premium?

Hellcase Premium is a subscription to numerous Hellcase bonuses for CS:GO players. Hellcase offers access to three premium subscription plans: Silver premium, Gold premium, and Diamond premium. Each of them offers exciting benefits for a gamer. The player can purchase a plan for one month, six months, and a year. Buying a plan for six months or a year is more profitable, as it offers a discount of 5% to 20%.

To purchase a plan, you need to visit the Hellcase Premium page, select the desired plan and click on the “Subscribe now” button. After that, you will be able to choose the period of validity of the subscription, the payment method depending on your country, and also specify the promotional code for the discount. You can fund your account with a credit card, PayPal, G2A Pay, Neosurf, GPay, as well as skins, and other payment services. So, is Hellcase premium worth it ? Let’s figure it out.

what is hellcase premium

Among the benefits that players with a premium subscription receive:

  • two free cases monthly.
  • access to a premium wheel with which you can get unique prizes.
  • access to exclusive cases .
  • participation in daily, weekly, and monthly prize draws.
  • a set of unique emotions for battles.
  • early access to new useful services from Hellcase.
  • personal 24/7 support.

If you are interested in the Hellcase premium offer and want to know more about this service than just the answer to the question “ What is Hellcase premium ?”, let’s find out even more exciting facts about this opportunity.

How Does Hellcase Premium Work?

Most likely, you have no doubts that the Hellcase premium offer is a kind of huge box with a bunch of interesting, unexpected gifts. So, how does Hellcase premium work?

A CS:GO player can purchase a Silver Premium plan for $5 per month, or $4,75 per month with a six-month subscription, or $4,40 per month with a yearly subscription. So, you can save from 5% to 12% of your funds. This plan includes the following benefits for players:

  • two free cases once a month (Arsenal, Origin).
  • access to 11 premium cases.
  • giveaways organized daily, weekly and monthly.
  • standard 24/7 support.
  • unique emotes for case battles.
  • early access to new Hellcase deals.

The Hellcase Gold subscription costs $15 per month when purchasing a monthly plan, $14,10 per month when purchasing a six-month plan, and $12,75 per month when purchasing an annual plan. You can save from 6% to 15% on your purchase.

Players who purchase this plan receive the following benefits:

  • two cases as a gift every month.
  • access to 22 premium cases.
  • distribution with interesting gifts.
  • priority support at any time of the day.
  • One Premium wheel token.
  • a set of exclusive emotes for case battles.
  • early access to the unique offers of the platform.

The Hellcase Diamond subscription is $25 per month if you buy a monthly plan, $23 per month if you buy a six-month plan, and $20 per month if you buy an annual plan. So, the amount of savings is from 8% to 20%.

Players who wish to subscribe to Hellcase premium will receive the following benefits:

  • the opportunity to receive two cases as a gift every 30 days.
  • access to 34 premium cases.
  • participation in the distribution of gifts.
  • personal support around the clock.
  • three Premium wheel tokens.
  • a set of emotes for use in battles for the best cases.
  • early access to new Hellcase deals.

The player can only buy two plans with Hellcase balance – Silver premium and Gold premium.

Is Hellcase Premium Worth It?

Hellcase premium is a great solution for active CS:GO players who want to update their inventory and improve their gaming experience regularly. Your desire to activate Hellcase premium has an impact on the freedom of action in CS:GO. In addition, a player with a premium subscription can save on the purchase of skins by participating in various events from Hellcase.

So, is Hellcase premium worth it ? Definitely, yes. Players with a premium subscription have priority when contacting support. This is a very important factor for serious players who want to resolve issues as soon as possible.

Benefits of Hellcase Premium

The Wheel of Fortune is one of the unusual benefits of a Hellcase premium subscription. It provides players with the opportunity to get exclusive items, skins, and weapons. In addition, players can take part in exciting giveaways monthly, weekly, and even daily. There are valuable game items among the gifts.

benefits of hellcase premium

How to Cancel Hellcase Premium Subscription?

When using internal Hellcase funds to purchase a premium subscription, the player may opt out of the plan at any time. To do this, the player needs to visit the page with a premium subscription and turn off the automatic renewal of the subscription. After canceling the subscription, the user can enjoy the benefits of the selected package until the end of the package validity period. In this case, no refund is provided.

A user who has purchased a premium subscription using the G2A service must cancel his Hellcase premium plan through his personal G2A Pay account. A player who subscribed to Hellcase Premium with a credit card must contact support to cancel his subscription.

Renewal of subscription to Hellcase premium offers is carried out automatically. Refunds for canceling a subscription before the end of the service period are not provided.

To Wrap Up!

What is Hellcase premium ? This is a chest with a massive amount of gifts. This is a chance to improve your gaming experience in CS:GO. This is a great opportunity to diversify your inventory. How does Hellcase premium work? With Hellcase, buying and managing a premium subscription will not cause confusion among users. The player can choose the most comfortable payment method for him, enjoying gifts in the form of cases, skins, and game items. You can find answers to your questions using the FAQ or News tab. You are welcome to contact the user support service , we will be happy to help you deal with the functionality of the platform.


How to use Hellcase without premium?

For those who are not ready to purchase a premium subscription, Hellcase offers a lot of interesting services that will be appreciated by both beginners and CS:GO pro players. On the platform, you can find exclusive cases, as well as take part in events, such as case battles, gleam giveaways, etc.

What is Hellcase premium?

This question is asked by all CS:GO players who have seen at least one of the advantages of this offer. Hellcase premium is a paid subscription to Hellcase’s unique offers, which include access to exclusive cases, giveaways of free skins and items, a list of emotes for case battles, and 24/7 support. Premium subscription includes three plans, each of which offers exclusive benefits for the player. A user can purchase a subscription for a month, for half a year, and for a year.

How to cancel Hellcase premium?

For one reason or another, the user may have questions about how to cancel the Hellcase premium subscription. For one reason or another, the user may have questions about how to cancel the Hellcase premium subscription. This is very easy to do. How you cancel your subscription depends on how you purchased the premium plan. If you purchased a subscription using Hellcase internal funds, then you can cancel the subscription in your personal account. If you purchased your subscription through G2A Pay, you must opt out of renewal on the G2A Pay website. If you purchased a subscription using a credit card, you must contact customer support and indicate your desire to cancel the service. You are welcome to ask the support team or look on the website for how to use Hellcase without a premium subscription.

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