How to Level Up in Dota 2?

As a match of Dota 2 starts, you won’t have access to all of your hero’s abilities. To get access to those abilities, you have to level up. As you get all of your abilities, you can use leveling points to level up those abilities to make them even more powerful.

During the later phases of a Dota 2 match, you must have leveled all your abilities. If you don’t level up in Dota 2, the other team will, and you will have a hard time killing them or staying alive when they start attacking you. Now that you know how important leveling is in Dota 2 , here is our complete guide on how to level up in Dota 2.

Killing Creeps

The easiest thing you can do to level up in Dota 2 is to stay inside your lane during the initial phase of a Dota 2 match. Staying in the lane will allow you to kill the enemy creeps that come your way. Killing creeps will also help you to get farmed in the process.

While killing creeps is a great technique to level up, it is not necessary, especially if you are not a carry. If you have not selected a carry hero, you should let the carry take the last hit so they can get farmed for the later phases of the match. Instead, you can stay with the carry inside the lane. Even if you don’t kill a creep, you will get points for leveling up just by staying near the hero killing the creeps.

If you are a hero with high mobility and are currently in the middle phase of the match, you can try killing the neutral creeps. These are NCP characters scattered around the map, that aren’t hostile to anyone unless they initiate an attack on them. You can roam around the map and kill these neutral creeps for some leveling points.

Killing Enemies

Another thing that gives you points for leveling up in a Dota 2 match is killing enemies. However, you have to be careful while doing that because if you die while trying to kill an enemy, the enemy team will get more points and reach a higher level. With that said, if you see an opportunity for a kill, do not hesitate to take it.

If you want to kill some enemies, you can use techniques that exponentially increase the points you get. Firstly, you get bonus points for killing enemies that have a higher level than you. Not only that, but you get an insane increase in the points you get if you manage to get a double kill, a triple kill, or an ultra kill. If you somehow manage to get a rampage, which is killing all five players from the enemy team, you will get a ton of points and level up quite fast.

Enemy Towers and Warding/Dewarding

Besides killing enemies and creeps, there is other stuff you can do to level up in Dota 2. You can destroy enemy towers and stay focused on enemy wards. When you take down enemy wards, you help your team a lot and also get points for your level. You can also get points for placing wards, but only if a battle takes place inside the vision of the ward.


Leveling up is an important aspect of a Dota 2 match. It helps your hero become stronger. To level up in Dota 2, you must focus on either killing creeps or staying near the teammate who kills them. You can also try killing enemies if you get the opportunity or taking down some towers.

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