CS:GO Map Graffiti: Honoring Legendary Esports Highlights

Even after Counter-Strike 2 enters the scene, the iconic legacy of CS:GO esports will be remembered and honored. A number of iconic highlights that happened throughout the long history of competitive CS:GO have already been immortalized in the form of several in-game graffiti and other cosmetic additions dedicated to historical plays.

In this article, we will showcase all the memorabilia you can find on the maps and their history, including those dedicated to historical plays of coldzera, and other professional players.

In-Game CS:GO Map Graffitis & Highlights

Valve has honored several significant moments in the history of the game’s esports scene by adding graffiti or murals to the maps where those moments took place. These commemorations serve as lasting memories of the defining plays in CS:GO history.

Some of CS:GO pro players that were honored with their very own graffiti are Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev, Marcelo “coldzera” David, and Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson.

These moments are always selected due to their importance or impact on major tournament outcomes. The community remembers them well for showcasing great strategy and skill or sometimes being controversial. Now, let’s find out the history behind all CS:GO in-game esports memorabilia.

Cache: s1mple’s Legendary Double No-Scope

“What is this clutch from s1mple? What, are you serious? What is that? You can’t do that, s1mple! That’s not allowed! This is not FPL! This is a major!”

If you have ever wondered about the meaning behind the winged agent graffiti on B Site on Cache and why it appeared on the wall under Heaven, here is the answer.

Cache s1mple’s Legendary Double No-Scope

One of the most iconic highlights in the history of competitive CS:GO happened in the midst of the 14th round of the ESL One: Cologne 2016 semifinal clash between Team Liquid and Fnatic, and it inspired the well-known graffiti.

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev , representing Team Liquid, was left in a 1 versus 2 situation against a duo of his opponents and had to defend Bombsite B alone. It could have been an easy round for the Swedish team, which might have led to a comeback, but s1mple did not let that happen.

Sasha peeked mid after fnatic’s dennis killed Hiko and noticed that fnatic players were going to hit the B site. He then quickly rotated to Heaven and jumped off it taking down dennis with an incredible no scope shot and then finishing off KRIMZ with another unbelievable no scope shot.

This bold and aggressive play is going down the CS:GO history books as one of the most incredible highlights the world has ever witnessed.

Mirage: Coldzera’s Midair AWP shots

On Mirage, the wall behind Van on B bombsite is adorned with black graffiti of an AWP with two big wings. Instead of the scope, there are four red skulls, referencing the four fallen players. This memorabilia is dedicated to coldzera’s historical play he pulled off back in 2016.

Mirage coldzera's Midair AWP shots

At MLG Major Columbus 2016, Luminosity Gaming fought Team Liquid for a spot in the Grand Final, and an unbelievable highlight happened in the second half of Mirage. When Team Liquid was one round away from securing the map, they tried to attack B by pushing through Apartments, but their plans were ruined by Marcelo “coldzera” David .

Firstly, Marcelo easily killed adreN. Then, he jumped and took down EliGE and s1mple with a single bullet from a no scope in mid-air, and also killed nitr0 with another no scope. After making these four frags, he also tried to get an ace. However, his teammate TACO got the last guy.

After this round, Luminosity Gaming performed a comeback and won the map and, eventually, the series. In the Grand Final, they beat Natus Vincere and lifted the MLG Major Columbus 2016 trophy.

Overpass: Olofmeister’s Fiery Defuse

Some pros don’t fake, some pros don’t let go no matter what. A beautiful and selfless play by olofmeister granted him immortalization on Overpass. His graffiti with a bewinged Counter-Terrorist agent defusing a bomb in flames is depicted on the wall near Short.

Overpass olofmeister’s Fiery Defuse

In the semifinal match between Fnatic and Dignitas at ESL One: Cologne 2014, Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson saved the round by going all-in and defusing the planted bomb while burning in the fire of the Molotov thrown by device. He managed to finish defusing milliseconds before dying, and this play went down the history books.

Here is the video with this highlight from the match.

And here’s the video edit commemorating Olofmeister’s play that fnatic posted on their YouTube Channel.

This play secured the match point for fnatic, which they shortly turned into the win in the series. The Swedish team advanced to the Grand Final but did not manage to take the Major trophy home after getting defeated by Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Blacksite: Furlan & GruBy Signature Graffiti

A signature graffiti on Blacksite is the only map memorabilia that is dedicated to not an official Major match highlight but a Showmatch highlight.

Blacksite Furlan & GruBy Signature Graffiti

Prior to the IEM Katowice Major 2019 Grand Final, a Bo3 Danger Zone Showmatch was held with eight teams fighting for a right to be immortalized on the map. Furlan and GruBy, who then represented the Polish team AGO Esports, won the series and received their well-deserved graffiti.

Furlan secured the win after taking down jks and SPUNJ from the roof of Tourist. At this location, Valve added graffiti with autographs of Furlan and GruBy with a head of a red wolf motif.

Dust 2: fnatic’s Four AWPs Graffiti (Removed)

Although you will not find this graffiti on Dust 2 anymore, as it was permanently removed from the wall near the Terrorist Spawn, the highlight it referenced is truly worth checking out.

dust 2 fnatic's four AWP graffiti

In the ESL One: Cologne 2015 Grand Final, fnatic played against Team EnVyUs on Dust 2. The fight was extremely intense, and both teams were doing their best to secure the win in the first map of the series, which led to overtime. In one of the rounds, four Fnatic players bought themselves AWPs and

Even though using the power of friendship resulted in only one frag of unsuspecting Dan “apEX” Madesclaire, the funny play that the Swedish team came up with and executed in the Major Grand Final left both the casters and the audience in awe. For unknown reasons, graffiti of a Terrorist agent holding four sniper rifles was removed from the map two years later in 2017.

Other Memorabilia On CS:GO Graffiti Maps & Highlights

Not all highlights from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major events were immortalized in the form of cs:go graffiti on maps they happened on. A number of them were turned into posters and signs, and you can find all of them on Inferno and Overpass. Let’s take a look at all three pieces of memorabilia and find out the history behind them.

Inferno: “Via Adamo” Street Sign

Have you heard the story about the mighty “King of Banana”? Behind this nickname is Adam “friberg” Friberg, a professional Swedish CS:GO player who performed for Ninjas in Pyjamas at the time.

Inferno Via Adamo Street Sign

friberg was immortalized on Inferno thanks to three legendary plays he performed on Banana in Major Grand Finals in 2014 and an MLG LAN tournament in 2015. Here are all these highlights.

Ace with three kills on Banana in the ESL One Cologne 2014 Grand Final against Fnatic.

Four frags from Porch in the Copenhagen Games 2014 Grand Final versus Virtus.Pro.

Another quadro-kill from Porch, this time in the MLG X Games Aspen Invitational Grand Final against LDLC.

Two years later, in 2016, Valve developers updated Inferno and added a street sign on the wall next to Sandbags on Banana reading “Via Adamo”, which means “Adam Street” in Italian.

Overpass: No Climbing Sign

During DreamHack Winter 2014, a controversial boost method used by Fnatic on Overpass led to cheating allegations and the voluntary withdrawal of the team from the competition.

Overpass No Climbing Sign

Fnatic was playing against Team LDLC in the Quarterfinal of the Major, and after losing the first half of Overpass by 3:12, they decided to try something new. Together with his teammates, Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson started using a pixel boost that allowed controlling Water and one side of the Pipe near the B site.

Abusing this exploit round after round granted the Swedish team the comeback they needed and victory on the map. However, controversy erupted after the match ended, and it led to Fnatic forfeiting the match.

Not only Valve modified this spot on Overpass to make it impossible to abuse for boosting, but they also added a metallic sign reading “Geländer übersteigen verboten!” which translates as “Stepping over the railing is forbidden!”

Inferno: Grenade Poster

We all love professional Counter-Strike for 200 IQ plays, and one of the Inferno memorabilia pieces is dedicated to this very kind of highlight.

Inferno Grenade Poster

In the PGL Kraków 2017 Grand Final, Gambit played against Immortals on Inferno. In one of the rounds, Dosia threw an HE grenade to the far corner of Pit, where two players of the opposing team were planning to survive the explosion of the planted bomb on the A site. Steel and LUCAS1 both lost more than half of their health points moments before the bomb went off, resulting in two deaths and an economic setback for Immortals.

Valve commemorated this by adding a faux grenade-perfume ad near the corner, bearing an Italian slogan that translates to “No, you cannot escape now”.

To Wrap Up!

The history of competitive Counter-Strike” Global Offensive, which lasted for a decade, has been a breathtaking spectacle, filled with inspiring victories, thrilling matches, and exceptional showcases of individual skill, teamplay, and fortitude. The memorabilia engraved into the cs:go graffiti maps will always remind players of the incredible highlights that left millions of fans in awe.

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