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Show off the colors of your favorite teams on the server! In this two-part article, we compiled the best loadouts of skins to match the colors of the greatest CS:GO teams, according to HLTV. Find a loadout dedicated to your favorite team here to see what skins you need to represent the team on the battlefield.

What are CS:GO Loadouts?

A loadout in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a combination of skins for different weapons, knives, and gloves that share the same color scheme, design, or theme. Combining skins is a great way for players to express their individuality within the game.

CS:GO Teams Loadouts (Ranked 5th – 1st)

All the CS:GO loadouts you will see in this part of the article are dedicated to the first five of the top-10 teams from the HLTV Team Ranking of December, 2022 .

In the CS:GO community, the HLTV team ranking is one of the more reliable and well-respected ones. Based on their performance in events and overall level of shape, this ranking methodology determines which CS:GO teams are the best in the world.

Here are five teams we will be covering in the second half of the article:

  • Heroic
  • Outsiders
  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid
  • FaZe Clan.

Each loadout we assembled consists of six skins for gloves, guns and a knife. Let’s begin!

Heroic Loadout

Heroic had some ups and downs in 2022. Refrezh was benched and then replaced by jabbi in June. They placed 3-4th at the IEM Katowice, 5-8th at the PGL Major Antwerp, and lost to Outsiders in the IEM Rio Major Grand Final.

However, Heroic’s best highlights of the year were winning the Pinnacle Cup Championship and BLAST Premier Fall Final, their first Big Event victory as a team. They were also the first all-Danish team to win a tournament in the Royal Arena.

Heroic Loadout

We assembled the Heroic Loadout with CS:GO skins in red, black, and a touch of white. Here are all of them:

We’ll start with fabric-made Sport Gloves | Scarlet Shamagh , a stylish accessory with a black and red houndstooth pattern and suede inserts. M9 Bayonet | Slaughter with an abstract maroon design made with chrome paints is a perfect fit for the chosen gloves.

SCAR-20 | Cyrex and M4A1-S | Cyrex both come from a skin family in futuristic style. Both skins are painted black and white, and are implemented with various red accents – icons, inscriptions, and also geometric figures.

MP9 | Hot Rod is an attention-worthy solid red skin in an Anodized finish style, covered in transparent metallic paint. Last but not least, Desert Eagle | Code Red is a nice-looking finish with a vibrant red base, a layer of silver detailing, and an eagle logo.

Outsiders Loadout

Last year, Outsiders went through roster changes. In May, Outsiders benched buster and YEKINDAR to welcome n0rb3r7 and Qiket on the team.

They placed second at the ESL Challenger Valencia, and succeeded in winning the ESL Challenger Rotterdam. Still, Outsiders will always remember 2022 as the year they got their hands on the IEM Rio Major trophy.

Outsiders Loadout

We picked CS:GO skins with a purple and white color palette for the Outsiders Loadout. Here’s the list:

Purple is a magnificent color, and flannel and leather Driver Gloves | Imperial Plaid are rocking it as well as Flip Knife | Ultraviolet does with its eggplant-colored handle and a matte black dagger. AWP | Lightning Strike has a coated with purple paint body and a striking lightning bolt depicted on it.

AK-47 | Neon Rider is a Covert skin with a striking design in shades of purple, pink and blue. It is decorated with a biker in a helmet, a dotted pattern on the handguard and the buttstock, and a cardiogram picture.

For an SMG skin, we went with PP-Bizon | Space Cat , a purple and white skin from The Dreams & Nightmares Collection. Also, this loadout includes Revolver | Crazy 8 with the number eight drawn on the pistol’s handle and an abstract pattern on the barrel.

G2 Esports Loadout

G2 Esports’ lineup underwent changes several times in 2022. m0NESY, a young and talented sniper from the NAVI Academy, joined the team in January. Then, in August, the organization announced that jks and HooXi would replace JACKZ and Aliksib.

G2 placed second at the IEM Katowice, did not manage to qualify for the IEM Rio Major, but they won the last Big Event of the year – BLAST Premier World Final.

G2 Esports Loadout

In the G2 Esports Loadout, you can find skins in all the colors presented on the team’s logo – black, red, and white. These are:

Hard-knuckled Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure look almost surreal thanks to a crimson pattern resembling a bloody torn flash. A part of the Huntsman Knife | Autotronic ’s blade is covered with red paint and has a metal mesh insert that’s meant to lighten the knife’s weight.

Vivid red lines look great at the background of the black carbon fiber pattern of AWP | Redline . Two skins from the Bloodsport skin family, AK-47 | Bloodsport and MP7 | Bloodsport , are truly eye-catching items due to their dazzling design adorned with multiple inscriptions, icons and images.

For a pistol skin, we went with Five-SeveN | Boost Protocol from The Operation Riptide Collection.

Team Liquid Loadout

Last year was a bit rough for NA’s last hope. Liquid benched shox in the summer and replaced him with YEKINDAR. The team placed 15-16th at the PGL Major Antwerp, 5-6th at the IEM Cologne, and 9-11th at the IEM Rio Major.

Despite that, Liquid had a few highlights: they won BLAST Premier Fall Groups, IEM Road to Rio Americas RMR, and were the runners-up of the BLAST Premier World Final.

Team Liquid Loadout

Here is the list of skins for the Team Liquid Loadout, all in blue and white:

If Liquid players and Sport Gloves | Amphibious met on a dating app, that would be a match. The gloves perfectly fit both the team’s name and colors. The blade of the Nomad Knife | Blue Steel has been cold-blued, resulting in a blue and green patina layer.

AWP | Medusa , primarily covered in dark blue paint, depicts Medusa on the buttstock part of the sniper rifle’s body with snakes crawling toward the barrel. Then we got M4A1-S | Guardian which is painted cobalt blue and has inscriptions on the silencer, and a CT icon on the magazine.

P-90 | Off World is a hand-painted item, and it might be a Mil-Spec skin, but it will be a great addition to your inventory. Desert Eagle | Blue Ply was laminated, it has a wooden texture pattern applied in shades of blue and gray.

FaZe Clan Loadout

What a year that was for FaZe Clan. They became the champions of IEM Katowice, ESL Pro League Season 15, PGL Major Antwerp, and IEM Cologne. FaZe Clan outperformed everyone in the first half of the season, but things started getting out of hands at ESL Pro League Season 16 where they placed 5-8th.

Then, the team won the IEM Major Road to Rio RMR but ended up 15-16th at the main event. FaZe finished BLAST Premier Fall Final as runner-ups, and BLAST Premier World Final in 3-4th.

FaZe Clan Loadout

Skins in the FaZe Clan Loadout are all in red shades. Here’s the list:

Here’s the ultimate crimson loadout for FaZe Clan fans, starting with Specialist Gloves | Crimson Kimono complemented with a stark red pattern and a “TORTURE” inscription. These gloves look great combined with Huntsman Knife | Crimson Web and SCAR-20 | Crimson Web .

The red and gray M4A4 | Evil Daimyo with a samurai helmet fits here just right due to its color scheme. MAC-10 | Candy Apple is cheap but effective: it is spray-painted with glossy eye-pleasing red paint. For pistol skin, we picked decorated with a skull and circular patterns P250 | Muertos.


Now that you know which skins to choose to show other players who you’re rooting for, take a closer look at these items on our website.

If you couldn’t find your favorite team here, head to the second part of our article, as there are five more loadouts. Also, explore our blog for more articles about CS:GO skins, guides, and esports news.

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