Review 2023: Is Stake Casino Legit?

In this 2023 review, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned after hours of researching and interacting with this online casino.

You will also find all the features, pros and cons, and many screenshots of the Stake crypto casino.

Most importantly, you’ll discover my honest opinion on it.

Feel free to skip directly to the sections that interest you. review review – Main Interface

1. Key Takeaways

I understand you may not have enough time to read my full Stake casino review, so here is an actionable summary to help you.

Pros of Stake

  • Lifetime Rakeback. By using our exclusive code “4tmr” when registering, you will receive 15% rakeback on all of your wagers, forever.
  • Great reputation. Perfect player reviews across the internet and forums
  • Two-factor authentication. Use this rare feature to keep your account secure
  • Provably fair games. Verify the results of some of their games
  • Great customer service. The support will resolve your issues promptly and in many languages
  • Large crypto variety. Deposit with more than 130+ cryptocurrencies
  • Lots of betting odds. Bet on more than 100 different outcomes on major events
  • Casino games for everyone. 1,021 games available, including 16 exclusive to
  • Active community. Players are interacting with each other in 8 languages. You won’t feel alone!
  • High return to player. RTP reaches 99% for some games
  • Awesome promotions. Frequent and attractive promotions, including a chance to win a Lamborghini Huracan Evo

Cons of Stake

  • Sports betting odds. Other sportsbooks may offer better odds on major events
  • Limited information. Restrictions, fees and payout details hard to find
  • No welcome bonus. But this is how they manage to provide instant payouts and awesome promotions

2. Background Overview

Year founded:



Medium Rare N.V.







3. Is Legit? 10.0/10

Yes, is one of the most legit casinos today to have a reliable gambling experience online and is by no means a scam. Plus most of the Stake games are provably fair to ensure random outcomes.

But let’s take a look at some of the key features that make a legit and safe option for online gambling, so you can judge for yourself. License(s)

Stake casino holds an official Curaçao eGaming License, which is the standard amongst gambling sites that specialize in cryptocurrency gaming, like

Although there is theoretically better licensing available in the online gambling industry, no crypto gambling site has been granted more reputable licensing because cryptocurrency is still too new for gambling regulators. Safety

According to my research, has adequate overall safety and security, with no reported issues to date.

More importantly, Stake crypto casino offers the 2FA


Two Factor Authentication. A protective measure that uses one-time passwords to prevent keyloggers from gaining unauthorized access to accounts.

feature to protect your account.

Although 2FA is a standard feature in the cryptocurrency industry, it’s not yet the case in the crypto gambling industry.

Stake casino is a verified member of the Crypto Gambling Foundation. This guarantees that all the provably games on the platform (Stake originals) are provably fair.

Bets can be verified on the platform or through third-party websites with an open-source verification procedure.

Reputation of owners was developed by the team behind Primedice, one of the oldest and most popular dice gambling sites, founded in 2013.

The owners are well-known and have a great reputation.

Complaints received

At the time of writing, the TrustPilot page has a 4.1 reputation, which is a great rating for a crypto casino.

In addition, the majority of the 13% 1-star reviews are addressed by’s staff, which is a sign they care about user satisfaction.

Stake gambling also has an excellent reputation on forums like BitcoinTalk where players heavily recommend the website to other players.

4. Prohibited Countries

Before I move forward with the essence of my review, note that you won’t be allowed to gamble on the platform if you reside in one of the restricted countries: countries

AU Australia
BY Belarus
CI Ivory Coast
CU Cuba
CW Curaçao
CZ Czech Republic
CG Congo (Brazzaville)
CD Congo (Kinshasa)
FR France
IR Iran
IQ Iraq
LR Liberia
LT Lithuania
NL Netherlands
PT Portugal
RS Serbia
SK Slovakia
SD Sudan
SY Syria
GB United Kingdom
US United States
ZW Zimbabwe
DE Germany
LY Libya
SS South Sudan
ES Spain

Furthermore, NetEnt, one of the Stake game providers, has an additional list of restrictions related to the distribution of its games in certain jurisdictions.

5. Stake Casino Features 10.0/10 is an online crypto casino that was founded in 2017. The site operates under an official Curaçao eGaming License.

Despite being relatively new, Stake online casino has already managed to build a steady and faithful user base.

After you have set-up your account, you can head to your preferred category of Stake games.

Stake casino has several categories, including Slots, Live Casino, Game Shows, Jackpot Slots, Feature Buy-in, Table Games, Virtual Games, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette.

stake games categories
Stake online casino review – Games Categories

On an individual level, each category has an abundance of titles and games from various providers. Here are the numbers of offerings featured on the Stake crypto casino:

  • Slots (811 games)
  • Live Casino (20 games)
  • Game Shows (7 games)
  • Jackpot Slots (41 games)
  • Feature Buy-in (58 games)
  • Table Games (41 games)
  • Virtual Games (9 games)
  • Blackjack (4 games)
  • Baccarat (6 games)
  • Roulette (8 games)

The best thing is, also has 16 of its own original games, all of which are provably fair.

These Stake games include Dice, Keno, Limbo, Plinko, Mines, Hilo, Crash, Scarab Spin, Diamonds, Blue Samurai, Wheel, Slide, Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat.

stake casino review
Stake games review – Stake Originals (exclusive games)

This takes the total to over 1,000 Stake games by more than 25 providers that you can play.

It is worth noting that not only are there many games you can play, but their graphics also are pretty good.

Collectively, this contributes to a wonderful gaming experience.

The abundance of offerings means even if you are looking for game titles outside the most popular ones, will not disappoint you.

All-in-all, as one of the top Bitcoin casinos, supports one of the richest libraries of games in the online gambling industry.

Stake Original Games

6. Stake Betting Features 9.0/10

Those interested in sports betting would love to hear that offers one of the most extensive portfolios of sports events.

Stake’s betting offerings are divided into more than 35 categories.

Those include anything from traditional and esports to exotic sports and even political events and entertainment.

The most popular sports betting offers include: American football, baseball, boxing, Formula 1, golf, tennis, volleyball, MMA, racing, and more.

The esports betting feature Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft, and various other electronic leagues.

There are also sports that you might have never heard of like Gaelic Football, Gaelic Hurling, and Floorball. Yup, those are real sports!

At you can also bet on the outcome of presidential elections around the world, sports personalities of the year, and many other unconventional bets.

stake betting
Stake betting review – Sportsbook Interface

For the majority of the events, there are over 100 outcomes you can bet on, which makes’s sportsbook truly robust.

The diversity of the site’s betting section is not only one of the site’s key distinguishing factors but is also among the best in the industry.

The main downside of Stake betting is that the odds on most events are below the industry’s average.

7. Stake Poker Features

Unfortunately, there is no poker option on the Stake online casino apart from video poker. But if anything changes, we’ll be sure to review it here!

8. Stake Gambling Experience 9.0/10

Registering before you can start with the Stake gambling is extremely easy. All you need is a name, password, and email address.

In some aspects like rich features and simplistic site design, offers a great player experience.

However, in others, like providing enough information to its user base, it falls short.

Let’s get in detail to see what I am talking about.

Platform Features and Functionalities

Stake gambling experience is very fluid and quick. There is no lag or excessive waiting time for games to load.

However, it is worth noting that, similar to most casino websites, the offerings on also run on Adobe Flash.

The UX is intuitive, and you can access each section of the site in no more than three clicks. ux features
Stake gambling review – User Friendly Search Functionality

This means even the crypto gambling newcomer won’t have any problem navigating through Stake casino.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can use the search bar at the top.

It will help you get to everything you need, and more importantly – filter the results.

Let’s take sports events, for example.

There might be hundreds of gambling events on busy days, and finding your preferred ones can be time-consuming.

Instead of browsing within the category, you can simply type a keyword in the search bar, and it will display the event.

Stake gambling on mobile version works pretty well too.

However, it is worth noting that, similar to most online casinos, doesn’t have a mobile app.

All-in-all, the site’s features and functionalities are great and easily surpass the industry average. Yet, it isn’t flawless.

Like any online gambling platform, Stake casino is prone to experiencing some issues now and then. However, most of the time, these are minor and just cosmetic.

To spot and solve these issues, relies significantly on its users’ feedback. All reported issues, no matter how small they are, get resolved.

If you want to keep an eye on the platform improvements, and the issues it experiences over time, make sure to check its ChangeFeed log, where it reports all bug fixes. changefeed
Stake casino review – ChangeFeed

Design and appearance tries to keep things simple. There are no excessive animations, pop-ups, promotional banners, or other flashy stuff that may affect your gambling experience.

The platform’s dark theme makes it easy on the eyes, which helps gamblers who use to spend consecutive hours on online casinos.

The games’ graphics are pretty standard and nothing too spectacular. This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, and many users prefer it that way.

It is worth noting that, although plain and simple, is not another dull crypto casino site. Its design offers just what you need for a great gambling experience, and nothing more.

Informational Resources

Most online casinos’ notable problem is the lack of sufficient information on their websites.

For example, many lack detail about their history, founders’ background, payout details, limits, restrictions, fees, and other crucial information.

With, things aren’t much different. It seems like the platform doesn’t even bother covering the relevant information.

Several sections of the site provide details, including the Privacy Policy, Terms, and Provably Fair pages, but that information is more on the legal side of things.

There is also a blog that features all the latest news and updates about the Stake crypto casino.

It also answers popular questions and provides users with ideas on how to get the most out of the platform.

Also, there is a helpful forum that you can browse through when you get stuck. active forum
Stake casino review – Active Forum

The forum is buzzing with life, which is an excellent sign for the community. On average, the forum counts between 500 and 800 users online per day.

A new question/comment is posted every few minutes, making the forum a great place to get in touch with someone from the Stake casino or engage with a random user.’s Telegram channel has over 7k members, and the community there is also very active.

The major downside is that there isn’t a dedicated FAQ section, which may confuse some users in their search for basic information.

For example, it is hard to find the deposit and withdrawal requirements, fees, and payout times.

The easiest thing to do is to contact the support line and wait for some guidance.

Gambling Aware Program

A good thing I should mention here is that Stake online casino offers help to those for whom gambling turns into a real addiction.

If you feel things are getting out of hand with Stake gambling, you can take advantage of the platform’s responsible gaming tools.

For example, you can set deposit limits and self-exclusion, making sure you aren’t gambling with more than you can afford to lose, or just stay away from the site for a while.

You can also reach out for help through the Gamble Aware link in the footer of

9. Welcome Bonus

Well, finally, you reached the point where Stake casino falls somehow behind its competitors.

The fact that the casino doesn’t offer a welcome bonus is quite disappointing for newcomers.

That said, the good thing about a lack of welcome bonuses is that won’t hold back your withdrawals. No need to meet a threshold or limit to take your winnings out.

Stake casino also compensates for the lack of welcome bonus by offering awesome and frequent rewards to their players via their promotions.

And of course, as I mentioned, we negotiated an exclusive benefit: 15% rakeback on your account, forever. Promo Code

You should use the promo code “4tmr” when registering your account. By using this bonus code, you will get 15% rakeback on your account instantly, forever.

If you forgot to enter the promo code, no worry! If you just signed up, go to your account, then “Settings”, then “Offers”, and then enter the code in the section “Welcome Offer”.

This will apply the 15% rakeback to your account going forward.

Use the promo code "4tmr" on
Use the code “4tmr” on for 15% Lifetime Rakeback

Note: We found codes online offering up to 50% rakeback. We have been many times confirmed by Stake representatives that 15% is the best offer available on the market. By using these bonus codes, you take the risk to not get any rakeback added to your account. If you are note sure what benefits you are currently getting, contact live chat support.

10. Promotions 10.0/10

It is clear that’s team considers promotional programs as a key pillar of its business development strategy.

The platform offers 15 different promotions at the time of my review.

The main one is the chance to win a Lamborghini Huracan Evo, which, according to the platform, is worth no less than $212,266 USD.

In addition, there are also 50 x $1,000 prizes. promotions review – Top Promotions

Stake casino also offers sports live betting promotions, money-back programs, game-specific rewards, special promotions for particular user groups (a $5,000 Diwali Giveaway), Telegram challenges, and more.

While some promotions are recurring, others are limited-time offers. That is why, to avoid missing out, you should keep an eye on the “Promotions” page. These are just a few of their current promotions:

Active promotions from Stake

post featured image
Stake’s Weekly $50k Giveaway
Wager to earn tickets into a giveaway where anybody can win. Just one ticket could see you sharing in $50,000 every single week. With $1,000 wagered equating to one ticket, earn as many tickets as possible to give yourself the best chance of winning big!
post featured image
NBA 16+ Payout
Undoubtedly our most popular sports promotion is back, where you can get paid out as a winner on your NBA bets, even if your team loses the match!
post featured image
Watford FC First Goal Payout
If Watford score the first goal in any EPL match, we’ll pay all Watford bets out as a winner!

You can find the whole list of’s promotions and their terms here.

The fact the terms and conditions of promotions are minimal is one of the reasons I love Stake online casino. No ‘impossible-to-win’ promotions on the site.

I can say that the promotions are a very diversified, attractive, and, a very thoughtful way to keep’s community engaged.

It is also worth noting that the site also has a VIP program. According to the official description, it is designed to suit different types of players.

The program’s goal is to ensure you will receive the most in cumulative bonuses for every dollar wagered on the gambling platform.

The program is composed of different tiers, each of which unlocks different types of bonuses.’s team claims that its VIP program is unrivaled. vip bonuses
Stake casino review – VIP Benefits Overview

However, to be able to taste the maximum experience, they say you should reach the highest level of the program.

Among Stake casino’s perks are a dedicated VIP host (think of it as a personal virtual assistant), flexible bonuses like receiving the newest iPhone instead of your weekly top-up (not sure why anyone would want that, but still…), and more.

There are also weekly and monthly bonuses, level-up bonuses, Rakeback rewards, and more.

The only way to become a part of the VIP program is to receive an invite.

The tricky part is that, according to, you can get an invite based on your activity on the platform.

Alternatively, it means the more bets you place, the bigger your chance to be invited gets.

You can find the complete terms of’s VIP program here.

11. Customer Service 10.0/10

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: Not available

Customer service usually is the make-it-or-break-it point with online casinos, and it should be among the top deciding factors when choosing the right platform for you.’s online support can be described with just a single word: amazing.

The main communication channel is the 24/7 Live Chat feature on the site. According to the information there, the average response time is five minutes.

When I got in touch with the support, I was surprised as I received an answer in under a minute.

It seemed like the guy was just waiting for me to drop a message!

This really is something rarely seen with online casino support teams.

Most importantly, the support was great; the agent was well-trained and brought to my attention the information I needed to enhance my experience. can also be reached through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The only downside is there is no telephone line, which, in all fairness, isn’t too much of a problem, considering how responsive the support team is in the live chat.

Overall, support at Stake casino is very helpful in finding you a detailed answer and getting back to you quickly. They’ll send you screenshots and URLs to back up their responses and explain things to you.

12. Payments 8.0/10 is a crypto-only casino and sportsbook service provider.

This means you can’t use traditional payment options. Deposit Methods
Stake review – Deposit Methods

However, recently launched a functionality that allows you to buy crypto with fiat (USD and EUR) directly on the platform.

The rates are a bit higher than on traditional exchanges, which doesn’t make it the most cost-efficient solution. Buying Crypto With Fiat review – Buy Crypto With Fiat

This means the best thing to do before getting started with the Stake crypto casino is still to go and buy some of the supported crypto assets elsewhere and transfer them to the platform.


The deposit methods available on Stake are:


  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • DOGE
  • BCH
  • LTC
  • TRX
  • EOS
  • USDT
  • BNB

Instant Banking

  • Bank Transfer

Credit Cards

  • Visa
  • Mastercard


  • Tiger Pay

If you don’t see your preferred cryptocurrency here, don’t worry.

Due to an integration with the Coinswitch API, now allows users to deposit using over 130+ cryptocurrencies.

The exchange happens instantaneously and directly on site. All the user has to do is select the assets he wants to exchange from a drop-down list.

This brings significant flexibility and makes the Stake casino accessible by every crypto enthusiast out there.


The withdrawal methods available on Stake are:


  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • DOGE
  • BCH
  • LTC
  • TRX
  • EOS
  • USDT
  • BNB

Because of being a crypto-only casino, users can withdraw funds from Stake online casino only to crypto wallets.

This means you won’t be able to cash out immediately and would have to go to an exchange or a secondary market to exchange your crypto for DMarket (if that is your end goal).

Unfortunately, does not offer the ability to deposit, withdraw and play with stablecoins


Any cryptocurrency pegged to a stable asset for the purpose of reducing price volatility


Maximum Payouts

Stake online casino doesn’t impose any maximum payout limits. However, there are minimum requirements that you should adhere to.

Besides, each payout is charged a fee. Here are all the payout options, the minimum amounts, and the imposed fees:

Payout OptionMinimum AmountFee
Bitcoin0.002 BTC0.0002 BTC
Bitcoin Cash0.05 BCH0.00001 BCH
Ethereum0.1 ETH0.0027 ETH
Litecoin0.25 LTC0.0005 LTC
Ripple50 XRP0.0001 XRP

Nobody likes paying fees, but in this case, I should say the rates at Stake casino aren’t over-the-top.

The fact that there are no maximum payouts means you can withdraw all funds even if you hit the jackpot.

In many other competing online casinos, this isn’t possible, which often increases the anxiety levels of gamblers who want to take out all their rewards at once and avoid storing them on the platform.

Payout Speed

Deposits and withdrawals on the Stake crypto casino are instant, with no delays.

Of course, you will have to wait the usual confirmation time associated with the different blockchains, but all-in-all, it shouldn’t take over a couple of hours.

In most cases, the pending time won’t exceed the hour mark. However, if it takes too long (over 24 hours), make sure to contact’s support.

Stake Review: Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our honest review of

So, in the end, what is the best feature of Stake casino, in your opinion, and where does this gambling platform need to improve?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is legit and safe? is legit. It is licensed in Curacao and was founded in 2017. It is a safe casino with provably fair games, 2FA, and membership with the Crypto Gambling Foundation.

Where is legal?

Stake is legal as long as you don’t live in one of the listed prohibited countries and are of legal age of majority in your jurisdiction.

Can I bet on in the US? is not available in the United States.

Is anonymous play available on Stake? will collect your personal information for know-your-customer (KYC) verification as well as to process your registration.

How to play on

As long as you don’t live in a prohibited country, you can play on by registering an account, making your deposit, and going to your preferred game to start playing.

How easy is it to withdraw winnings from Stake?

Stake is a crypto-only casino, so users can withdraw funds only to a crypto wallet. Withdrawals are instant after the usual confirmation time associated with the different blockchains.

What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal on Stake?

While there are no maximum payout amounts, there are minimums which vary based on the type of cryptocurrency that you are using. There may also be a small fee for withdrawals depending on the type of crypto you are using.

What is Stake’s Welcome Bonus? does not offer a welcome bonus. However, they do offer sports and casino promotions.

How is Stake’s Customer Service?

Stake offers excellent 24/7 live chat, a support forum, and an email address for customer service. can also be reached through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How can I submit a complaint against

If you have a complaint, you can post in the support forum or contact customer support.

Can I play at with a VPN?

While technically you can use a VPN for privacy reasons, if you are considering using a VPN to play in a prohibited jurisdiction, this is not allowed.

Is there a promo code?

Yes! By using our exclusive code “MANIAKS” when registering, you will receive 15% rakeback on all of your wagers, forever.

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