Summer Event 2022 - CSGORoll

Summer's finally here, and at CSGORoll we know how to make the most of it! Read on to find out everything you need to know about our special 500K event, taking place from 25th of July to the 21st of August.

300k Jackpot

Play our games to collect Coconuts, and spend the Coconuts to collect Jackpot tickets! For every Coconut spent on our Coconut Cases, we'll reward you with the same amount of Jackpot tickets in return. Make sure you collect as many as possible, and remember to spend them all before the timer ends!

  • Week 1: 40K - July 31st at 8pm CET
  • Week 2: 60K - August 7th at 8pm CET
  • Week 3: 75K - August 14th at 8pm CET
  • Week 4: 125K - August 21st at 8pm CET

By spending Coconuts you'll automatically enter our Jackpot, where winners will be picked randomly during a livestream hosted on our Twitch channel .

Coconut Leaderboard

Looking for the ultimate Summer competition? We've got you covered. The top Coconut collectors won't only benefit from more Jackpot tickets (and a bigger chance to win) ... they'll be rewarded for their time and effort! Incredible prizes will be distributed to the top 10 players on the leaderboard at the end of the event on August 21st. Here's what's in store!

  1. 50,000 coins
  2. 22,500 coins
  3. 12,500 coins
  4. 6,000 coins
  5. 3,500 coins
  6. 2,500 coins
  7. 1,500 coins
  8. 750 coins
  9. 500 coins
  10. 250 coins

CSGORoll Tournament

This Summer, we're taking our popular “ Community vs Staff ” games to the next level! Watch live as 16 teams of community selected players and staff members compete in 5v5 CS:GO matches for the final prize in our CS:GO Summer tournament!

To participate, you had to show interest in the open poll hosted on CSGORoll between the 19th and 21st of July. Our team will hand select the lucky participants and contact them with more information. To be in with a chance of taking part, make sure you're available during all of the game dates, and that you have a valid email attached to your CSGORoll profile.

All the games are hosted on Faceit, so you can prepare in advance by registering your account , downloading the client , and installing the Anti-Cheat System .

  • Week 1: Knockout: 1st Knockout July 30th & 2nd Knockout July 31st
  • Week 2: Quarterfinals: Sunday, August 7th
  • Week 3: Semi-Finals: Sunday, August 14th
  • Week 4: Grand Final: Sunday, August 21st
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#1 Earth:

  • Jayy
  • JJ_Jani
  • The Silver Smurfer
  • croco
  • ChickenDinner

#2 LoseORBan

  • ShaunSki
  • Todor
  • Zen
  • cha0s
  • GAME

#3 EZ Katka

  • Catastrophe (c)
  • Cyborg
  • Jiro
  • Mellow
  • Ruleh

#4 Ratatata

  • nejchi31
  • IceeU
  • kitu
  • ReloadFRZ
  • Antonio ☑

#5 Bye Bye

  • BrRiMa
  • DellxCell
  • Casey-_-
  • Maaarty
  • PepEGG

#6 PewPew

  • tweeday
  • Bouchonnoir
  • DTSX
  • Zeldousski

#7 Roda FanClub

  • TomBha
  • Pralostas Namas
  • MatteoCix
  • Tavion
  • [HTG] billkiller09

#8 Cheese

  • 📀URUS📀
  • MySKO_
  • A$TERI$K
  • stifleris
  • EaSyx_x

#9 Fake Clan

  • Happy (c)
  • Mafules
  • kera
  • mushh
  • WhoaBoyEasy 👑

#10 0:5

  • 04stmann
  • kaviarvaz
  • dEX
  • Parsa

#11 Ty4Skins

  • OhKennyCanYouBeliveIt
  • yAdiG
  • Sw00sh
  • Hyselka
  • Cristoph

#12 Not Addicted

  • bibaboy
  • habub
  • Kfirch
  • xBulletProof00

#13 TOP-G's

  • Bravo
  • Jay
  • djonmla
  • Larsi
  • Jeffrey

#14 Paradox

  • OnlyfansAgent
  • Brett
  • 𝕎𝕠𝕜𝕖 (c)
  • skr1pt69

#15 eZaF

  • Decibelas
  • Hooni
  • Big Bape On Me
  • SupReMe
  • Doff

#16 Healthy

  • ✪broccoli (c)
  • Caioxkiller
  • DaddyCow
  • Ani.

Freebets Poll system

After the first knockout weekend ( 31st of July ), a poll will open where you can place bets on your favourite teams with no cost, and win free prizes * if they win the tournament!

Make sure to keep up with the games and select the team you believe would take the trophy home.

*Only applicable for players level 60 or above.

Special Golden Coconuts

You don't want to miss out on these shiny little guys! Unique cases are available for those who manage to collect our rare Golden Coconuts during the event. One Golden Coconut is worth around 500 normal coconuts, so good luck!

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You may win Golden Coconuts from:

  • Weekly Jackpot prizes.
  • Rare Golden Coconut drop parties in the chat.
  • giveaways during our weekly live streams.

We've got everything covered! From our themed Summer design to unique events, competitions, big Jackpots, live streams and plenty more. What are you waiting for? Join now, Lifeguard Red won't wait too long for you!

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