What is dota2 case opening?

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Faith is fearlessness, bravely climbing the mountains, overlooking mountains and rivers; faith is persistence, thorns, blood and sweat bringing a smile of victory; faith is a challenge, for god does not give me an eternal life, but has not defined the limit of life.  The red of dota2 was born for the fanaticism of victory and the limit of life, which attracts the past, present, future players. Is dota2 still a faith for you?

Why dota2 players are so enthusiastic about the wears in the game? Why do people always praise dota2's wears? Ti's bonus is higher year after year, while Ti8's immortality have broken the record set in the past again and again. Dota2's skins have a very high quality, and visual effects in the game is good. The most dota2 players have a relatively high degree of understanding of skins in the game, for they can know the wear the first time they see other players' wears in the game, so that wear owners are more easily satisfied. Compared with the skin of lol and other games, dota2's wears has a higher degree of customization. Dota2's wears can be highly customized, whose wears can be matched with each other, where, as well as, has voice packets, taunts and other content. I believe that if steam does not restrict the trading of dota2 wears, dota2's popular wears will always maintain appreciation.

www.dota2sites.com is a site mainly introduces dota2's case opening websites and dota2's trading websites. These websites are sorted and only list the top 5 with a high number of clicks within a month.  Dota2's case opening is a relatively new concept, and some friends may have heard of csgo case opening website. The open box website is a website that combine wears and open the box for wears in a certain ratio.  The dota2 wears trading website is generally a service that provides cash trading wears, and players can purchase wears through cash or sell wears for money.

The dota2’s case opening website offers the same experience as official dota2 treasure opening, but with a reduced cost and a higher rate of winning high quality skins. The dota2's case opening website has a lot of benefits, you can get a certain platform currency every day, and even get some free skins.  If you are lucky, you can earn a lot of money by lotting a good item. If you carefully study the dropped items in the case opening in the platform, you have the opportunity to find out the algorithm of the case opening. Now the basic algorithm of opening the box website is to open a round of wears by ratio, and then proceed to the next round of opening. For example, there are five items in the box. After finishing the round, they will give priority to finishing the five items. When you open the sixth item, you will start counting again by five. If the rare item haven't come out yet, you have a chance to earn several times more.

Dota2 trading platform is generally cheaper than steam trading, because steam will charge fees, but the trading platform is also a risk, for if the robot is sealed by steam, it will lead to wears can not be removed.  Of course, the current wears trading platform is actually more mature, which can offer supply to you.

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