When Will the new CS2 Operation Be Released?

When Will the new CS2 Operation Be Released?

CS:GO has not had a new operation in a very long time—the last one started almost three years ago and ended on February 21, 2022. Developers haven't held any events for players for over a thousand days, but this sad streak is likely to end soon.

What Will Be in the New Operation in CS2?

Gabe Follower hinted that five new maps will appear, including the legendary Pool Day for the "Arms Race" mode and Assembly—a beautiful location for "Wingman" games. Another data miner, Rikuda, whose map was previously added to CS, said there would be two maps for Wingman and two for matchmaking, possibly including Train, Cobblestone, and Danger Zone. According to his information, the CS2 new operation will be released on June 19.

Additionally, lines related to the "Guardian" mode, where players played maps during the operation, have been removed from the game files. Instead, lines related to NPCs with custom scripts and sophisticated artificial intelligence have started to appear. The code now includes the ability to create cut-scenes.

Developers have added comic support to CS2—similar to previous operations like "Wildfire," where the game's plot about the battle between Phoenix and special forces units from around the world was developed through comics. There is already a file with a comic layout and functionality to view them. The game also features lines related to new functionality for melee weapons, but it is unknown whether they are intended for CS2 or another game on the same engine.

Back in March, lines related to a next CS2 operation appeared in the game—in the code, it's called OP12 (there have been 11 events in the game so far). There is code related to adding pets, three new weapon collections—you can spot the AK-47 "Wildfire" and M4A4 "Fade"—and new badges are expected. However, Gabe Follower, who found these files, warns that developers might abandon their plans for new content.

It's quite possible that along with the operation, character clothing and charms will be added—they have been mentioned in the game code since 2016. 

When Will the New Operation Be Released?

There is still no official information from the developers. However, several data miners hint that the update will be released soon, most likely on the night of June 19-20. This date marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the first beta version of CS, and the developers love celebrating significant dates. For the game's 20th anniversary, they released a retro version of Dust2 and a commemorative case with themed skins.

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